Hugo Romeu MD

About Hugo Romeu MD

Dr. Romeu is a seasoned Executive Medical Director with a track record of success in health, wellness, and fitness. His patients' online reviews commend him for taking the time to understand their issues. Dr. Romeu's extensive clinical trial and research experience includes 32 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease trials, 41 diabetes trials, 12 dermatology studies, seven rheumatology studies, 15 device studies, 16 HIV studies, seven oncology and chemotherapy studies, and twelve weight loss studies.

Dr. Romeu maintains an international network of professional contacts, providers, and distributors as a highly skilled professional in clinical pathology, laboratory medicine, anatomic pathology, forensic analysis, and research. During the pandemic, Romeu pioneered critical advances in COVID 19 testing and FDA submissions for antibody and antigen kits.

Dr. Romeu has been an active member of the South Florida community for over 30 years. He has made numerous contributions to the community. Dr. Romeu founded Food for Life about 25 years ago to provide healthy vegetarian meals to homeless people and children in orphanages. Dr. Romeu served on the Rimrock Gold Corporation Board of Directors from 2018 to 2019.

Hugo Romeu, MD, works with the University of Miami Medical School's Street Medicine program, which provides care to the homeless population in and around the hospital complex. Romeu also helps people without health insurance get diagnoses, medications, surgeries, and other treatments through the VITAS Hospice program.